Leak Point has helped thousands of residential, commercial and municipal customers in the Las Vegas and Southern California areas find and fix leaks in everything from pools, spas and slab plumbing to sewers, gas lines and water mains.

How We Do It!

Leak Point Professional Technicians use highly sophisticated Audio Amplification, Filtering Equipment and Electro Magnetic Technology to locate piping and leaks in both metallic and plastic pipes.
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What We Do!
Leak Point Locates and Repairs Leaks!
Leaks in:

Water, Irrigation & Sewer Lines - Gas Lines & ALL Pipe Systems

Pools, Spas, Ponds, Fountains and Custom Water Features, Walls and Areas Hidden From View
Non-invasive leak detection Sensitive gas leak detection Below grade leak detection and repair
Leaks under:

*Concrete Slabs, Decks, Driveways and Asphalt
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Leak Point Professional Technicians use highly sophisticated Audio Amplification
3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Leak Point

- Protect Your Property! Don’t let someone destroy your property in a vain attempt to locate your leak. Our “Non-Invasive” leak detection method and repair services prevents property damage. We find the leak point BEFORE we dig!

- Save Money! We use the highest level of developed technology & tools available to the industry at this present time. This allows us to provide you with superior service at a price point which is far below our competition. It also helps us to identify leak issues before they become to costly.

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Serving all of Southern California and Southern Nevada.
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California license # 803695                 Nevada license # 64745
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